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8 Uses for Kick-Ass Social Video Content – Part 1

“Video content does well on social media”, really going out on a limb with that statement, right?

But, we’ve realised what might be clear to us quite often isn’t to the people we work with. And, actually, one of the questions we most often get asked is ‘What sort of video content can we do on social media?’

So worry not! To fire up some inspiration for how you can use video in your digital marketing, we got our filmmakers to list of some of the different varieties of content they’ve provided for their clients.


Event films are among the most common shoots for our Standby Social team, however, every event is massively different to the last so each film is different, too!

They’re a great way to capitalise on the success of the day, sparking social media interaction with attendees on social media post-event. It also allows you to display what occurred to an audience that wasn’t there.

Smartebusiness‘s film, highlighted here, proved a valuable piece of content that allowed them to take the message they were delivering at a trade show and communicate that to their audience.

Blogging  /  Business Updates

Scroll down your LinkedIn timeline and you’ll quickly find a) What a business update video looks like and b) the level of engagement they bring.

Phase 3, one of our longest Standby Social partners, get thousands of views on their videos and their content has proved massively valuable in allowing them to build brand awareness and cultivate their audience on social.

Promotional Films

Promotional video content is one of the broadest categories incorporating everything from products to pop up events (as in the film above for Cheshire Oaks).

For any campaign you’re running, it’s always worth considering whether video can help you build awareness and achieve the targets you’ve set.

Recent studies have said 53% of consumers go on to engage with a brand after viewing a video on social, so if your aim is to connect with your audience it could be a valuable asset.

Case Studies

Case study films get a bad rap, we think. Quite often they’re assumed to be stuffy, corporate affairs when they can be one of the most creative outlets in video marketing.

Above all else they are one of the best resources available to let you tell your audience an engaging story.

This film for Psychi, for example, is one of our all-time favourites. Telling the story of Jen, a climber on the GB climbing team. Using a mixture of interview footage and dynamic shots allowed Psychi to create a film full of striking visuals, that engaged and hit the mark for their audience BUT surreptitiously features their products throughout.



Whether it’s an event or case study film our filmmakers pride themselves on their ability to work with clients from any field. If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you!

And at £800 per month we think our Standby Social offering is a game changer so if you’re looking to give your content marketing strategy a shot in the arm then get in touch!

Keep an eye out next week for part 2 of our Kick-Ass Social Video series.




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