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Celebrating Creativity – Everyone is Creative

Yep, you read it correctly and your eyes do not need testing – everyone is creative! There is often a negative stigma surrounding this and, as a general rule, people do not consider themselves to be creative, with it often stereotyped to roles such as Filmmakers, Actors, Designers, etc. Also, when we envisage noted icons of creativity we think of innovators such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Picasso.

However, you should not be intimidated by the idea of creativity. It can often be defined as the ability to come up with new or useful ideas and everyone has the capacity to express it. You do not have to be able to draw, produce a film or even design a product; everyone uses it within their daily lives. For example, creating a new gourmet meal from the sparse supplies you have in your home for your evening dinner, or even something as simple as choosing the correct filter, to best compliment your Instagram post.

According to the World Economics Forum, by 2020 creativity will be ranked the 3rd most important skill to possess, behind Problem-solving and Critical Thinking. Since creativity is such an important skill, we thought we would share three ways that Standby Productions utilises this day to day:

1. Collaboration is Crucial – We have a strong relationship with our clients throughout the creative processes to produce films that are exceptional.

2. A Creative Team  – Each member of the Standby Production team, utilizes their creativity to contribute to the production of our unique films.

3. Passionate about Progressing – Standby are passionate about constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible. We love cinematography and storytelling and believe that a great film should move people. We endeavour to make every one of our productions fit this ethos through our creativity.

Want to delve further into Standby Production’s creativity? Why not take a look at some of our noteworthy films



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