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You may have seen that we’ve recently tweeted about moving in to a new office space. Well our move is now complete and our new edit suite is getting a full workout with lots of recent projects. Being the passionate filmmakers we are, we also did time-lapse of us decorating and moving in – spot the ‘supervisor’ in the team (there’s always one!)

You’ll now find us at 24 School Lane, Didsbury. Follow your nose to the Airyfairy Cake Boutique and you’ll find us on the first floor.

Aside from being treated to cake and a coffee, our new edit suite will also act as a screening room for ‘Lights, Camera and Action’ to reveal to our clients their new film(s). We also have a lovely vintage sofa where our clients can make themselves comfortable to sit back and enjoy the film (please turn off your mobile phones), that’s assuming our little mascot Sydney isn’t hogging the space (there’s more to come from him by the way!).

We’re now in the heart of Didsbury village which makes it a perfect location for customers to visit us as well as for us to meet and work with local businesses. We’ve already filmed CAVFest, WestFest plus the Didsbury Arts Festival and Didsbury Beer Festival http://www.standbyproductions.co.uk/tag/didsbury/ As well as our stunning ‘Didsbury in Bloom’ film. We’ve also got some exciting filming coming up with Manchester company Loft Interiors.

Want to know what we can do for your business? Visit www.standbyproductions.co.uk to set the ‘reels’ in motion.



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