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Yvonne’s Story

The Chennai Six


Ashley Yarwood


Six ex-Forces personnel, with a combined 74 years of service, were arrested in October 2013 after they were accused of entering Indian waters without permission. They were on board the American-owned anti-piracy vessel the MV Seaman Guard Ohio, tasked with protecting merchant seamen in some of the most dangerous waters in the world. Once they boarded the ship, officials discovered 35 firearms and ammunition.


The Indian High Court, at first, accepted the paperwork was in order and dismissed the case but the men were unable to leave India while a lengthy appeal against the charges being dropped was considered. This led to the men standing trial at the magistrate court, who then decided that the men had failed to prove that they were on anti-piracy duties. In January 2016 they were found guilty by the court and sentenced to five years imprisonment.


Standby were commissioned to produce a film which highlighted the case, tackling the technicalities behind the case whilst also presenting the human faces being impacted. The film edit above is uncommisioned and was produced as charitable donation to the campaign, focusing on the individual family members and their own stories and struggles in the face of this miscarriage of justice.

“I really can't thank you enough for everything. I'm literally blown away, they're beautiful.”

Family member, The Chennai Six

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