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Hobs were looking to create a showcase of their high quality printed products in order to demonstrate their impressive printing capabilities. They wanted to focus on the minute details that separate them from other printing companies.


Naturally the film needed to match the exemplary levels of detail on display by Hobs, so we planned to utilise a mix of turntable wides and macro shots to show off each product from every angle. We wanted to shift focus away from the products themselves and to shine a spotlight on the craft behind them.


In order avoid falling into the trap of dull product videography we decided to play around with the speed of shots; alternating between sped up footage and super slow motion to ensure the film remained visually engaging all the way through to the end. We filmed the bulk of the shots using a 100mm lens with a wide open aperture to achieve a silky depth of field. For the textured materials we rolled the camera and shone a light across each print in order to cast reflections, bringing to life the shiny, matte surfaces.


As a result the high-end feel of all the Hobs products was really captured in this film with a soundtrack that elegantly flowed throughout.

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