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Ashley Yarwood

Camera Operator

Chris Kenward


Ashley Yarwood

Brief are a group of passionate folk who work with tech startups to turn their vision into a reality, enabling tech innovation and leveraging customer-centred thinking into everything they do. Taking equity stakes in the companies they invest in, shares the risk with their clients, collaborating on only select projects that they too share a vision for. Our relationship initially developed following’s evolution from Cake Solutions – having made promotional film work for Cake for over 5 years, Standby were naturally positioned to continue and evolve that successful working relationship, with a number of members of the Cake Solutions team moving over to spearhead thestartupfactory’s exciting future.


While Cake Solutions’ content had always taken on a more tech focused look and feel, we wanted a very human, tangible and organic feel for With a small but dedicated team running things, it was important to focus on the miniature details of the team as well as the people behind the startups that they were championing. Our concept for the main promotional film involved a series of interviews with team members and other startup entrepreneurs, supported by minimalist footage of books and items that related tangentially to the spoken word content. Capturing the interviews with two angles and keeping a focus on making them look fresh and “different”, we shaped them in the edit into stories and anecdotes, forgoing the usual inclination to keep things short and snappy and instead allowing the film to organically tell stories of inspirations, advice and, ultimately,’s role in all of this. Utilising their location (the freshly opened Federation House in Manchester), we adopted a look that had a “New York” tech vibe, maximising the large open plan community working spaces.


The film’s length, etching close to five minutes, takes you through the highs and lows of life as a startup entrepreneur, delivering a film that gets to the root of where that passion comes from. Our aim was, at it’s simplest, to create a film that that was five minutes of interview content that engrossed and compelled and made you want to stand up and deliver on that promise of an idea you may have. The film was start of a hugely successful partnership with and since this film, Standby have continued to make highly emotive and compelling film content on a monthly basis, delivering case studies, ‘Meet The Team’ content and promotional work for their startup clients. We can’t wait to see where this partnership will continue to take us!

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