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National Accident Helpline are the UK’s most trusted personal injury specialist. They pride themselves on having helped ordinary people get free personal injury advice for over 20 years, taking great stock of the friendly, relatable and welcoming staff that they recruit. With this understanding, they wanted to create a culture film that would highlight the culture and team working behind the scenes, making NAH what it is today.


Standby worked with National Accident Helpline to develop and curate a suite of films that explored their business from a personal perspective, focusing in on three different employees. With these three people, Standby captured elements of their home life, following them in the morning and seeing their routines as they headed on into work. Each person had a film dedicated to their lives, supported by an interview that explained how NAH had impacted on them for the better. These interviews and footage were then brought together, with other supporting interviews and footage, to create an overview culture film looking at the company from a personal and intimate manner.


In the edit, we worked to include outtakes and bloopers to help add more personality and avoid a dry, corporate feel. The objective was to create a film that had a personality and life of it’s own, that gave you a sense of the values of NAH and also the people who worked there. The resulting films have been hugely successful in giving their target audience a greater understanding of the people at the other end of the line, and opening up the brand to the wider public.

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