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We worked with The Openside Group on a corporate retainer basis, creating a suite of films that allowed them to tell the story of their company.

Their team wanted a film that demonstrated the training and development services they offer, presenting the personalities behind the delivery.

Through a mixture of relaxed interview set ups, team meetings and office environments, we were able to deliver a sharp, streamlined film that communicates, not only what The Openside Group do, but who they are and what they believe in.


Ashley Yarwood

Director of Photography

Ashley Yarwood


Chris Kenward


The Openside Group came across us through work we created for our partners at The Openside team loved what they saw and got in touch about the potential for creating corporate video content for them.

Through our pre-production meetings we were able to understand their goals, their target audience and their challenges, enabling us to suggest a series of ideas for film content that would support their marketing objectives.


The key piece of content we wanted to create¬†was a central, ‘hero’ film telling the story of their brans, what they do, who they are and the principles they work to.

This was then supported by a collection of shorter, ‘bite-size’ films including thought pieces from senior management figures and case studies on colleagues within their tutoring team.

Working in industries such as training or consulting it can be a challenge to tell the world what you do in a non-corporate manner; so assembling this compilation of film content allowed Openside to share their brand, but ways their different target audiences could engage with.


To tell their story we filmed for a day at the Openside offices, capturing a series of interviews with their senior team members.

This enabled the company to say who they are, what makes them different and how their services can help a business, or individual, instigate real change.

Also, Openside offer their services worldwide. To communicate this we incorporated a sequence of stunning shots from the cities they work in around the world, that not only ensured their global reach was conveyed, but enhanced the quality of their finished film.

We then travelled to London, filming several training events, where we captured interviews with course leaders and training participants. We wanted potential applicants to see themselves in who was on-screen, so having testimonials from those taking part in the training was crucial.

The final films ensured Openside had a rich suite of content they can use going forward to develop their brand awareness, tell the world who they are and build upon their global success.

“Thanks to Ashley Yarwood and the team at Standby Productions for their great work!”

Head of Marketing & Communications - The Openside Group

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