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Kids at Work

Phase 3



Phase 3 wanted to create a funny, feel good film capturing their first bring your kids to work day. The aim was to show the funny side of Phase 3 whilst simultaneously creating quality shareable content for their social media.


Boldly defying the timeless adage ‘never work with kids or animals’ we devised a schedule balancing candid videography with staged scenes to ensure we got the most entertaining footage possible. We planned to execute a board room scene in which the kids fire their parents and take over the office, as well as a series of entertaining interviews.


Secure in the knowledge that anything could happen on the day we adopted the approach of damage limitation. We structured family interviews so that the kids would feel comfortable on camera and asked them questions about their parents’ vocations, seeking humorous answers. The kids didn’t disappoint and produced some hilarious responses, taking the pressure off the rest of the shoot. The remainder of the day was comprised of manically trying to keep up with the kids as they shouted and screamed their way around the office.

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