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With over 30 years experience, Polymeric labels are one of the UK’s number one choices for printed polymer labels in the rubber and plastics industry.


Ashley Yarwood


Ashley Yarwood

2nd Camera Operator

Chris Kenward


Access Advertising, based in Manchester, approached Standby looking for a film for their client Polymeric Labels. They were looking for a film that would highlight their highly specialised workflow for creating polymer labels in a visually dynamic way.


We worked closely with Access Advertising and Polymeric Labels to come up with a creative and modern feel for their film. We decided we would show the detail and precision that Polymeric Labels can deliver with their industry leading workflow through macro shots and carefully curated lighting.


Filming over the course of a day on location at Polymeric Labels facilities, Standby brought their process to life through a number of creative and innovative shots that broke down every part of the label making process. The final result was two exceptional films that perfectly answered the clients brief and set the company above it’s competition.

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