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Push Doctor asked Standby to produce a short product film to showcase their brand. The film talks the viewer through the process of using Push Doctor’s app to receive medical advice online without the need to visit a surgery.


Push Doctor wanted a film that established their brand, explaining who they are and the concept of their product; a service through which you can have a medical consultation online via the platform of an application.


In order achieve Push Doctor’s creative vision, we chose to shoot the interview in front of their logo to emphasise the brand. We shot the interviews on a 50mm lens to achieve a shallow depth of field and in 4k to give us a second angle without the need for another camera. In the edit, we used b-roll to establish how Push Doctor allows the user to seek medical advice without visiting a practice.


Overall, Standby captured a film that showcased the uniqueness of Push Doctor’s brand, where users can access medical advice without the physical need of visiting a surgery.

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