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Downing Students


Ashley Yarwood


Having continued to work with Downing Students over the last few years on their film content, shooting case studies and accommodation across the breadth of the UK, Standby were ideally placed to head up production when a full rebrand of Downing’s digital content was commissioned!


Working with Cool Blue Brand Communications, we shot and edited a film that detailed the amenities available to the students through a “day in the life” approach. This meant collaborating on supplied storyboards and working to help visualise how the scenes would play out, especially as the aim was to keep the length as short and punchy as possible.


On the shoot we used our expertise to carefully curate lighting, creating striking cinematic images and employing a handheld style that helped keep up the energy throughout. Using vintage lenses to create a softer overall look and bokeh, we then collaborated with Cool Blue Brand Communications in post-production to ensure the finished film was as stunning as possible.

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