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Solomon Commercials are a nationwide manufacturer of temperature controlled vehicles. They supply a number of well known high street brands, such as Tesco, Sainsburys, John Lewis and many more. Solomon offer unrivalled customisation designing for their customers needs. They build bespoke tailor made solutions that meet their clients operational criteria. In 2012 we were commissioned to produce their first company film – check out the original film here!


Following the huge success of the first film, Solomon Commercials got in touch again last year and asked us to produce another film highlighting their growth since 2012. We were thrilled by the prospect of working with Solomon Commercials on another project. As the last film was so highly regarded (we often have clients tell us how much they loved it, even three years later) it was time for an even bigger and better creative for this year’s film.


Our concept involved creating a film that looked and felt as though it was all captured in one continuous take, incorporating aerial footage to take in Solomon’s vast fleet of vehicles, before moving the camera down to ground level to take the viewer through the many warehouses and facilities that the company utilises. Plenty of time was spent spent in pre-production drawing up shot lists and performing location scouts to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible on the day, and the result we feel is one of our very best films to date!

““The film is exceptional – thanks for your great work again!!””

Chairman, Solomon Commercials

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