Standby Social - Spellbound: A grimoir of magical, digital print




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This was just a good, fun project to work on. Our partners, Hobs Repro, are experts in all things digital print. To celebrate their 50th anniversary they produced this stunning book, detailing the history of reprographics, different techniques  /  materials and providing some invaluable insights for designers.

We were blown away by the variety of designs, print finishes and the level of quality in the book, the creativity of the project was immense. Given the ‘Spellbound‘ theme we wanted to create a video that complimented that, communicating that tone and highlighting the key features of the book.


Hobs asked us to create a video that captured the ‘spooky, magical’ tone of Spellbound.

The book was designed as a celebration of graphic printing but also as a resource for graphic designers. As well as creating a film that fit the mood, we wanted to capture the key features included for the design community, too.


In preparation for the shoot we gathered an assortment of different objects we thought added elements of quirkiness and mystery. We then used these props on the day to dress an appropriately eerie set!

In our four hour filming slot we focussed first on capturing suitable establishing shots – soft pull focus sequences, set-ups with the book nestled within the items etc. – then steadily made our way through the book capturing the key elements.

One of our favourite aspects was the different material print styles the team at Hobs included, e.g. metallic or foil. To bring this out on camera we got creative with the lights, moving them above the book or moving pages into the light, capturing some really smooth reflective shots.

The end result is a film we’re really proud of, that feels premium and, most importantly, does justice to the brilliant design and execution of the book itself.

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