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Working From Home in Video Production – Jack

Working from home.

I think working from home has always been an ambition of mine but once you’re in the world of daily meetings, you just can’t imagine it working…. Flash forward to March ’20 and we not only made it happen, but we pretty much picked up and ran with it!

To begin with, I was perched at my dining room table, 4-month old in one arm, mouse in the other, which I quickly realised was never going to work. So I took a trip back to the office, dismantled my desk, and took over our spare bedroom (much to the delight of my wife). Although this did work well, it always felt temporary, so, Jan ’21 I kicked my daughter out of her nursery (upgrading her to a much bigger room!) and set up my own office/man cave for the long run.



My View

At 3pm each day, from outside my window, the sun falls perfectly between the two houses over the road and I take 10 mins out to close my eyes and relax. One downside to  moving to the front of the house, is I now don’t have a view over my garden…. so I’m slowly filling my office with plants to bring the garden to me!


The things that have helped me.

My small family has been absolutely invaluable over the past 10-11 months. I have a fantastic relationship with my daughter which I just wouldn’t have had working away from home, and lunches working at my desk to get ahead of work (a bad habit I know) have been replaced by trips to the park or picnics in the garden. 

I’ve also used the seclusion of working from home as an excuse to push myself to be more involved with the Stockport and Manchester business communities – I’ve met some really great local businesses and really enjoyed getting to know new people.



Things I’m missing.

The office breakout room!  

In an effort to get us away from our desks during our lunch hour, we had set up a huge table and created a breakout room in the office. I’d brought in an old console and most lunchtimes you’d find everyone sitting around the table together having a game, chatting about life, and just hanging out.


The future.

For me, the future is all about keeping that work-life balance more… balanced! I’m looking forward to the pubs reopening , catching up with friends again during lunch, and for spring to come back around so I can work outside in the garden when a task allows it. I can imagine a scenario where we go back into the office once or twice a week to catch up and check in with each other, but for me gone are the days of commuting in each morning, buying overpriced lunches, and collapsing, exhausted, on the sofa once I get back in.



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