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10 Best Timelapse films (we think!)

So, some of you may have noticed that we like to drop a few time-lapse sequences into our films where we can and we do this because we love them.

I (Simon) have always found great enjoyment from time-lapse photography and now with the revolution of using DSLR cameras for filmmaking we now have the tools of the trade at our finger tips, with the help of an intervalometer (a device to open and close the shutter at set intervals).

Inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s classic, ‘Koyaanisqatsi‘ (Click the title to watch the trailer) we think time-lapse photography looks awesome.

> Set the camera up on a tripod with a nicely framed shot, get your settings right, set the intervalometer and then leave your camera clicking away for as long as you think the action deserves, nice.

Here’s our Top Ten Time-lapse films (in no particular order), that we’ve seen recently…




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