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Jordan Wylie | Standby Ambassador

Jordan Wylie, best-selling author and our Standby Ambassador, set up a campaign to raise £100,000 to pay for the education of three children in three of the most dangerous parts of the world.

To do this, he ran across Somali, Iraq and Afghanistan, completing the final marathon in the Bamiyan Province of Afghanistan in October this year.

“What kept me going was that we were running through little villages and seeing little children because I’m raising money for children in conflict zones. It was fitting and inspiring getting a reminder of why I was doing it – it was quite emotional.”
Jordan Wylie | Standby Ambassador

We were privileged enough to be asked to follow this incredible journey and edit it into a 30-minute documentary which is set to launch in 2019.

In light of this incredible achievement, we asked Jordan some questions about what has lead him to where he is today!

Please can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I’m a former soldier from Blackpool, Lancashire who joined the military at 16 years old, I didn’t do too well at school if the truth be told. I always loved sport, adventure and travel and the Army offered all those and I didn’t need any formal academic qualifications to join, the rest was history as they say! Since leaving the Army I have been working in maritime security, helping protect international shipping from the very real threat of pirates, terrorists and organised crime. In 2018 I released by debut book which is titled ‘CITADEL’ – ‘One Man’s War Against the Pirates of Somalia’ and in my spare time I do my best to help others by campaigning for justice for veterans and also helping children in war and conflict zones access education through fundraising activities.

Why do you think film is important in helping you and your cause?
I believe film and online videos are one of the strongest tools available to influence decision makers and the wider general public. I have used short films many times to drive campaigns for important and good causes over the last few years and they have all been very successful I am pleased to say.

What motivates you to do what you do?
I have always believed that if we can help people less fortunate then we should do. I have a mantra that I live by: ‘Be The Difference That Makes The Difference’. I think far too many people do too much talking in life and not enough action. There are those that talk about it and those that do something about it and I always try to be in the latter where I can!

What are your philosophies on life?
I’m not one of these people that says ‘I have no regrets in life’ because I would be lying, I have many but what is important to me is that I always continue to move forward, take the lessons from the mistakes I have made and apply them to my future. I would always encourage anyone to chase their dreams if they want to achieve something but most importantly they have to believe and be prepared to make the sacrifices to get there. I think it is also important to realise that nothing great ever happens alone, surround yourself with good, positive people full of energy and value the things that are important in life, especially your family and loved ones, it too easier to get tunnel vision and forget those around you when your on a mission, I’m sorry to say I learnt this the hard way.

What would you say are your greatest achievements so far?
I am the proud father of a 8 year old daughter called Evie-Grace, she will always be my greatest achievement in life and no award, expedition or anything materialistic will ever top this, she is my pride and joy and the love of my life! Away from family, I am very proud to have served my country, to have raised over £100,000 for charitable good causes and to help inspire others in challenging times.

What is it about working with Standby that you enjoy?
The Standby Productions team are a great bunch of people that make working with them effortless. They take the time to understand the projects in great detail and the often complex subjects involved in them. When it comes to emotive films that are needed to influence wether that be charity, justice, motivation, inspiration, marketing or even sales, I don’t think you will find a better team for the job. The creative team at Standby are always thinking outside the box and looking to add value to each film they make, going well above and beyond that of filmmakers I have worked with previously.

What’s the relationship you’ve built with Standby like?
I have an excellent relationship with all members of the Standby team and often recommend them to others too. I would like to particular commend the excellent work of Ash Yarwood, one of Standby’s film directors who I have worked with on 4 films in the last 2 years, his eye for detail and his ability to catch ‘the moment’ is incredible and he always delivers the best of quality in everything he does, keep up the incredible work!

To date, Jordan has managed to raise more than £250,000 with the best crowdfunding sites for various charities and causes and in 2019 will attempt a world first by rowing one of the world’s most dangerous areas of water, the Bab El Mandeb Straits, completely solo and unsupported.

“Rowing Dangerously” as it’s known is another collaboration between Standby Productions and Jordan Wylie – keep your eyes peeled for upcoming updates!

Rowing Dangerously 2019 – twitter account here!



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