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This Way Up, with NOTE Shop

2014 marks the fifteenth anniversary of Manchester’s premier skate store, NOTE Shop. As the anniversary celebrations continue it seemed entirely fitting for STANDBY to reminisce about a film created by director Simon Owen back in 2001.

‘This Way Up’ was a three year project and could be considered the very roots of STANDBY PRODUCTIONS all those thirteen years ago! (although ‘officially’ we’re only three years old)

The film itself was successful back in 2001, selling over 1000 copies (on beloved VHS – yes, it was that old!), however more recently the film has been credited with being pivotal to the Manchester skateboarding scene as well as doing a great deal for the growth of NOTE Shop. Not only did ‘This Way Up’ put Manchester on the map, but also the guys (long time friends of STANDBY) in the film have since turned pro and gained a wealth of sponsors – deservedly so!

Here’s to continued success for NOTE Shop and STANDBY!

If you want some nice new clothes or trainers, or you want to get yourself a skateboard, go to NOTE Shop:

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