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Welcome Mark

Standby Social was launched in 2017 and since then it has been growing from strength to strength. The new year has brought with it our latest recruit in the form of Mark Prince, our new Standby Social filmmaker. In keeping with Standby tradition, we decided to put him in the hot seat and fire some questions his way.

Can you tell us what does your job entail here at Standby?
I have joined the team as one of the Standby Social Filmmakers. We make online social video content for clients on a monthly basis. These films could be anything from events highlights, product films, meet the team videos or lifestyle shoots. I am also involved with the wider team in helping out with some of Standby’s commercial and corporate productions. This could also involve shooting behind the scenes documentary style films for our own internal use and for clients.

What do you look forward to in the next few years at Standby?
Standby Social is going from strength to strength. We are seeing more and more clients come on board and joining us to create great content. I’m really looking forward to seeing this grow further and with that, seeing the team expand as we work with more businesses. I’m also looking forward to developing my skills within filmmaking and growing personally. From the couple of months I’ve been at Standby already, I have learnt so much. With the nature of my job being so hands on, you learn very quickly as a result.

What’s your favourite part of the job?
My favourite part of the job is definitely engaging with clients on a monthly basis. I really enjoy seeing the same faces each month and working with the clients on a personal level. It’s great to work on a shared vision and see a film go out for them every month. It’s great when the client’s feedback comes in and we’ve nailed it! I also love the team – everyone here is full of life and are a pleasure to work with.

When you were young, what career did you see yourself doing?
From an early age, I was always interested in being creative. It started with painting and drawing and then merging into photography. I spent quite a few years chasing photography and getting better and better at it. Eventually, after being challenged with the task of making weekly videos with a previous job, I found myself falling in love with film. I went on to study sound and video technology at university and alongside production skills, I gained a good understanding of the technical side of both. Filmmaking started to become something I loved doing more and more and now I do it for a job at StandbyProductions!

How are you finding the team?
The team are brilliant. From day one, I instantly felt part of it all. Everyone is very friendly, eager to find out more about you and spend time making sure you feel part of the team. Everyone is very switched on and amazing at what they do. I have learnt so much already being around them and watching how they work their magic. I feel like I am progressing much faster because of the advice and input I get from them.

And finally, who is your favourite?
I can’t possibly say however if I have to answer, I feel I connect with team production the most because we all have very common interests and work together so closely.



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