What a rubbish shoot! - Standby Productions

What a rubbish shoot!

It may have been the stinkiest shoot yet for STANDBY, but an early morning start saw the team out and about filming for a waste management company working in conjunction with ‘K2L Marketing’.

It was actually surprising how many nice shots we managed to gain shooting what is essentially a load of rubbish. There was a slightly disturbing moment for Simon (cameraman/director) on the shoot when he slipped, climbing up a landfill mound in order to get a birds-eye shot of the area, where his hand reached out to support himself only to miss a crabs claw by a matter of inches – urgh!

It wasn’t a rubbish shoot in the end, we came away happy with the shots we had gained – you could probably say that rubbish has never looked so good – check out the little time-lapse clip.

Thank you to Ed Stemp at highcontrast.co.uk for the behind the scenes snaps!



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