TV Commercial


Beauty Bay



Simon Owen


Not content with just producing cracking online content for our diverse network of clients, Standby recently made the transition from online film production to TV commercial production for


The creative process became about crafting an advert that would be eye catching, unique and different. These are areas that are always essential to Standby whenever undertaking any film, but with the advert going out to a much wider audience, it meant that the finished piece would have to be a reflection of that. We worked with camera operator Stan Harvard at and Quench Studios.


This pitch seemed to allow a perfect way to synergise the creative and commercial necessities of a TV advert; the ability to promote the Beauty Bay hair and make-up products as they were applied, but in ultra slow motion, and occasionally in incredible macro detail.

“Standby Productions added value to our campaign by introducing us to innovation in film production which lead us to create something very special indeed.”


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