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Manchester Union lager is brewed at Manchester’s first and exclusive dedicated craft lager brewery.  Manchester Union draws upon established brewing techniques, while using a Mancunian twist to create a beer, which the community of Manchester are proud to call their own.


Chris Kenward

Director of Photography

Ashley Yarwood


Ellen Bounds

Online Editor

Chris Kenward


Manchester Union lager approached Standby to produce a film to explore the four key facets that make their lager so unique. These four facets consist of; their iconic branding, their decoction mash process, soft water from the lake district and their unique flavour.

Standby aimed to create a film which encapsulates all four of these elements. Our aim for the film was to appease the sensibilities of both craft beer fans and more mainstream lager drinkers alike.  As such we dipped into the tropes of big budget lager commercials and gave them a creative Standby twist to remain original and true to the brand whilst capturing the soul and passion that embodies Manchester Union lager.


To accomplish our creative vision we broke the film down into four key scenes, one for each of the aforementioned pillars of Manchester Union Lager. These scenes addressed the logo, the decoction mash process, the Lake District, the ingredients and the finished product of Manchester Union lager. The visuals are intertwined with a voiceover from famous Mancunian poet Mike Gary to passionately tell the story of lager that is true to the people of Manchester.


Standby delivered a film that truly showcased the uniqueness of Manchester Union lager and their key facets. Accentuated by beauty shots of the logo and condensation on the glass of lager, drone footage of the picturesque scenery in the Lake District and slow tracking shots of the employee walking over the the distillery tank.

“Making a film to tell our story was essential as our brewing process, branding and lager are very visual so when the opportunity to work with Standby Productions came about we jumped at the chance. To then get Mike Garry to provide the voiceover really brought the whole film together”

Director - Manchester Union Brewery

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