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Our latest film in a series of TV Commercials for Puddle Ducks. Puddle Ducks are a nationwide franchise, providing lessons and intro-‘duck’-tions to swimming for children and babies.

We’ve worked with the Puddle Ducks team since 2017, working on steadily larger productions as their business has grown.

What started as 30-second promo pieces for web has now evolved into regular television commercials, the central content within a very successful addressable TV campaign.


Simon Owen

Director of Photography

Ashley Yarwood


Ellen Bounds

Camera Operator

Jack Warman


Chris Kenward


Following the success of our last collection of television commercials for Puddle Ducks, the brief was to maintain that standard!

The key aim for this campaign was to continue building awareness of the Puddle Ducks brand, through content that entertained and provided inspiration to parents and carers.

Through our successful, long-term partnership we’ve developed a brilliant working relationship with Puddle Ducks, allowing us to collaborate closely on the concept for these films.

With the aim of building an addressable TV campaign around the final films, we were able to take the target metrics, provided by Puddle Ducks, and build a concept specifically for their target audience.


The campaign we developed is centred around the personality of Puddle the Duck, inspired by the swimming aids  /  toys used by Puddle Ducks’ instructors.

Using a range of sequences, in multiple locations, Puddle breaks down different aspects of swimming technique, demonstrating how parents and babies can practice this technique at home before performing it in the pool.

Scripting was a fundamental feature of these films. Key aims for the Puddle Ducks team were to entertain, teach and inspire the viewer to engage with the brand.

Th razor sharp script ensured parents could quickly understand how technique can be incorporated into play, with a combination of puns and self-effacing delivery ensuring the relaxed nature of lessons was communicated.


Over a two-day shoot we were able to capture some beautiful footage. The energy, happiness and development of the children was kept front and centre, with the focus on relationship between parent and baby allowing Puddle Ducks’ target audience to see themselves in the content on screen.

The framing and dynamic shots of Puddle the Duck, combined with a brilliant voice-over, brought the character to life in an energetic way, resulting in a final suite of content that serves as a brilliant platform to build further brand awareness.

By introducing the company to our colleagues at Sky Adsmart, the Puddle Ducks team were then able to see clear, tangible success from their films. In particular the data from their Adsmart campaign highlighted how for every £1.00 they spent they gained £2.20 in return.

“We really value the partnership we have developed with you and look forward to the future. It doesn’t feel like work when it’s such a great team!”

Ruth Nelson, Strategic Brand & Marketing Manager

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