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Taziker Industrial got in contact with Standby looking for a film that could showcase their expertise in the steel structure repair and restoration sector. They needed a film that matched their industry leading standards and next generation thinking – we knew we could deliver.


Using a mix of beautifully created cinematic shots and technical visuals we would bring together Tazikers offerings in a clear, engaging way.
We aimed to set Taziker apart from its competitors with a film that wasn’t apologetic about their wealth of knowledge and experience.


With a number of beautiful shots and incredible interviews we brought together Tazikers film with an engaging track, incredible motion graphics and meticulous sound design.
We brought the process to life with a clear and streamlined process from start to finish using titles and on screen overlays to bring out key USP’s.
The final result is a polished and fluid film ready to engage and inform.

“Thanks for all your help and support…We’ve had a great time doing it and it’s something really new for us.”

Head of Group, Taziker

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