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British Wildlife Photography Awards

So, because spending 5 days a week, usually 10-12 hours a day behind a camera or producing film content isn’t enough, I also spend my spare time working on personal projects too.

My guilty filmmaking hobby is wildlife. I’ve had a passion for wildlife and the great outdoors for years, but only in the last few years I’ve been carrying weighty camera gear up mountains or on long country walks to capture the British countryside and the wildlife within it.

I have to say I did a lot more of this filming before I had a child, but I’d built up a good amount of footage over the years and it just needed to be packaged up to tell a story. I found a video section within the British Wildlife Photography Awards and that was the motivation I needed to create a 90-second film to enter into the competition.

The story of the film was to promote people taking a little more time looking and appreciating their surroundings when out on walks and connecting with nature. The moral of the story is that if you look a little closer, you just never know what you might see.

The good news was that my film was selected as Highly Commended within the competition and I was invited to the awards ceremony in London to see the whole photography gallery and also where my film was showcased on a big screen within the exhibition. It’s only the second wildlife film I’ve ever made, so I was very pleased and proud to have the film selected in such a prestigious competition.



Simon Owen

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