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The Importance of Ancoats

We wanted to make a film to showcase how the Ancoats area has developed, and is continuing to develop, and local businesses that are helping it do so. Ancoats over the past 12 months has gone through some dramatic overhaul with various developments and this doesn’t look like slowing down. The Ancoats of yesterday is going to look remarkably different to the Ancoats of tomorrow!

So far, we have been lucky enough to shoot several businesses, including; Second City, Ancoats Coffee and Ancoats General Store. This won’t be the final cut, however, as we will be adding more and more businesses from the area to its portfolio to create a fully rounded Ancoats film.

To help capture the unique atmosphere the businesses have that sets them apart from others in Manchester, we used the industry leading camera, the ‘Arri Amira’ that handled the range of shots taken perfectly in 4K.

Here at STANDBY we would like to be firmly established not only in Ancoats but also in the city, and we’re confident that this film will help recognise our Manchester roots. We will be continuing to capture more of what Ancoats has to offer throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled for the final film!


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