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While last summer may of been a washout for the most part, one rare sunny  day in June the Standby team set to work not only in some glorious sunshine, but also in a snow-filled wonderland! Even if the snow was artificial, hired out for the day. This was the set for one half of Standby’s shoot for Access Advertising. The advert was to promote the CTEK battery charger, a professional level car battery charger dubbed ‘the smartest battery chargers in the world’.

The brief was to create two separate films for Access, a technical film (which was to be shot inside a garage), and a winter film, which was where the snow came in. As well as this, Access required 3D graphics to be designed, which would appear part way through both adverts as the voice-over talked through the specifics of how the CTEK batteries worked. Standby’s animator got to work on these soon after the shoot was completed, and the result certainly adds another dimension to the films! Back to the shoot itself, Standby hired out a few pieces of kit to help give the film a little bit more shine than usual; a Carl Zeiss 50mm and a 24mm lens, and a Redrock DSLR rig with a follow-focus. While the follow-focus felt somewhat clumsy at times, the lenses were a superb addition to the kit, with Director Simon certainly feeling quite attached to the stunning 24mm by the end of the day!

Creative Director of Access, Sarah Parker, was on hand for the day to watch over the shoot, and even get her hands dirty with decorating the snow, sprinkling it just off camera to help give a real winter vibe. The day was split into two halves, the morning shoot based out toward Bury where the garage footage was filmed, with the second half of the shoot taking place in Sale. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all involved, lending to a relaxed atmosphere onset. Sarah’s comments at the end of the day (which can be heard at the end of the film) put the icing on the cake for the Standby team. Another successful shoot completed, and another happy client!


Music by the ever brilliant David Bentley:


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