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And with that, another day on set with STANDBY PRODUCTION’s began. The occasion? K2L were celebrating their fourth year in business and we had been invited into the K2L office to capture and document the day’s events as they unfolded – or at least that’s what was on the storyboard! While the film was shot to come across as a fly on the wall ‘day in the life’ documentary, the twist was of course that all of the research and work that had been undertaken throughout the day was actually to design and bake a large birthday cake, emblazoned with the K2L colours and logo!

Throughout the day, plenty of laughs were had, which was essential to creating the right conditions and atmosphere within the film. Don’t just take out word for it though, watch the behind the scenes film above and dive right into the action!

With all the footage accumulated, Standby took to assembling the film in the edit. The finished film looked every bit as good (and delicious!) as hoped, and was the perfect way to cement our excellent working relationship with K2L, which goes from strength to strength with each film project undertaken.


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