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Jordan Wylie – Rowing (very) Dangerously

One man. One boat. One mission.

On Friday 31 September, our Standby ambassador, Jordan Wylie, completed his most challenging mission yet.

Known across the world for completing mammoth feats of endurance, including ‘Running Dangerously’ his famous project where he ran marathons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, last week Jordan completed the first solo rowing expedition across the Bab-el-Mandeb.

Often cited as the most dangerous strait of water in the world, the Bab-el-Mandeb is situated between Yemen and Africa. Also known as the Gulf of Aden, it’s a stretch of sea infamous for being a hotbed of piracy, conflict and danger.

Oh, and did we mention that before accepting the challenge Jordan had never rowed before?!

Jordan lives by the mantra that every day is a chance to change your life. He encourages everyone around him to challenge themselves daily, pushing their boundaries and taking themselves to heights they never thought they would reach.

This project was a challenge only he would think possible.

Prior to his expedition he spent months in intensive training, gaining tips from Olympic Rowing gold medallist Alex Gregory in the process.

With an initial goal of raising funds of £250,000, to build a new school in Africa catering for child refugees, Jordan has already smashed through this target!

As a company we could not be any prouder, his work for both national and international charities is changing lives around the world.

He’s now aiming to go even higher, if you can we’d encourage everyone to donate to Rowing Dangerously here.

We’re working closely with Jordan to edit a full documentary of his latest adventure, with an eye on an air date in 2020.

In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for some more Jordan Wylie news, there might be another death defying project on the horizon soon…



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