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The Importance Of A Producer

The importance of having someone for production and account management.

Despite the role varying throughout the industry, the importance of having a producer on board for a project remains unwavering. Either employed by a production company or working on a freelance basis, producers plan and coordinate the production from concept to completion, often acting as an account manager and main point of contact for client, cast and crew.

Without some element of pre-production, turning vision into reality would remain a near impossible task. Not only does it bring all the fundamentals of the production together into a well prepared, shiny package, it also provides client, cast, and crew with a visual representation of the project. For example, the cast and crew are each sent a call sheet prior to the shoot, which includes call times, contact information, location addresses, and any other additional information that they may need for the day.

Here at STANDBY we have a well structured production process that is maintained successfully throughout each and every project. This process guarantees that all the production documentation, including risk assessments, call sheets, and production schedules, as well as any other logistics and additional information, are completed and signed off ready for the shoot. Not only does the lead up to the shoot benefit from this process, its importance continues throughout the edit. The producer will continue to use these documents to oversee and manage the post-production team, ensuring the project is delivered ontime and on budget (cracking the whip where necessary).

The importance of having one person at the centre of a production allows for effective communication and project-transparency for everyone involved, coupled with a relaxed and trusting relationship between company and client. All of this, combined with efficient account management and skilled producing, ensures the smooth running of each and every film (sounds pretty worthwhile really, doesn’t it!).


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