TOUGH MUDDER TRAINING - WEEK 2 - Standby Productions


“It was really tough to start with…and it’s just getting even tougher, it’s not getting any easier!”

Two weeks into the training for Novembers Tough Mudder event, and personal trainer Chris Clarke has really begun to turn the screw in the early morning sessions to push everybody into another gear. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” as they say. But, as team Didsbury Virgin Mudder are finding, it’s easier said than done.

Week two found the team exclusively working inside F2K Health and Fitness on School Lane, Didsbury for the weeks training. However, any thoughts about there being a glimmer of reprieve in being spared the outside cold were quickly quashed by the reality of the mornings ahead. Chris may not of come to this weeks’ sessions dressed in his drill sergeant gear, but it certainly would have been fitting. Director Simon struggled this time round, coming very close to being sick at one point on the Monday morning, while Tom Davies also found himself fighting to break through the dreaded wall. In comparison, the first week really was a walk in the park!

From my point of view as an outsider looking in (Ashley, camera operator), filming the training sessions is certainly becoming harder and harder, more out of a sense of guilt than anything else. As peoples thresholds are pushed further and further, I sometimes feel a little uneasy pushing the camera onto people as they try to fight through the pain barrier, even if the results are some fantastic, if slightly disturbing, faces.

Graphic designer Tom Davies, another member of team Didsbury Virgin Mudder has been working closely with Chris Clarke over the past few months in designing a new website for Chris as a Personal Trainer. A dedicated page on this is called The Wall, where people will be able to upload photos, films and tweets of themselves training and pushing themselves through ‘the wall’, all done via Twitter.


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