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Tough Mudder Training – Week 3

“We’ve been doing things like circuits, we’re doing more repetitions now, we’ve incorporated climbing…”

Week three of training, and everyone is beginning to fully immerse themselves in the preparations for Tough Mudder. What began life as just early morning sessions has evolved into evening and weekend sessions, meeting outside of Didsbury to go climbing in Stockport, as well as small meet-ups outside of work hours to go running. The main reason for this is to further prepare for the more physically demanding aspects of the event ahead. However, as time goes on it seems there’s also a real sense of camaraderie building up within the group, with everyone getting into a real team mentality. Well, mostly everyone! As was pointed out at team breakfast this week, there is no I in team. With that said, there definitely is a competitive streak bubbling away within certain members of the team!

With trainer Chris absent from the first of the weeks training sessions, it was left to Nargis to step into his rather large shoes and inspire everyone. No chance of a let-up, it seems that Nargis has clearly been taking notes and tips from Chris. She led a hard session that was brimming with energy. No carrot here, just a rather large stick! And a whip that she cracked whenever the pace slacked.

As cameraman for the blog, it’s all slightly surreal to see it unfolding in front of me. It is quite inspiring to see the improvements that everyone has made over the course of the training so far, as they accomplish more and more, pushing the pain barrier further and further. The effort and determination is palpable, and it translates perfectly through the lens and onto the small screen. As do the faces. Which are getting worse by the week. Who knows what I’ll have to look forward to filming by the time we all get to the actual event in a couple of weeks!

Graphic designer Tom Davies, another member of team Didsbury Virgin Mudder has been working closely with Chris Clarke over the past few months in designing a new website for Chris as a Personal Trainer. A dedicated page on this is called The Wall, where people will be able to upload photos, films and tweets of themselves training and pushing themselves through ‘the wall’, all done via Twitter.


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