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“Electric shock…not too keen on that idea either!”

As unpleasant as the idea of receiving multiple electric shocks may be, that’s only one of the countless obstacles that team Didsbury Virgin Mudder should be wary of. As the time left until the event dissolves from weeks to just days, thoughts have begun to turn to some of the more demanding aspects of the course. The unabashed optimism that everyone was once brimming with has given way to cautiousness, as the team begin to contemplate how they‘ll react when face to face with those bruising 12 miles. Everyone seems to have their own worst fear about Sunday, whether it’s dealing with the cold or the wet, storming through the electric wires or scaling the many walls and dreaded ‘Everest’. One thing seems to be unanimous though: nobody wants to jump into that ice bath!

With everyone signed and paid up, the only things now left are the final training sessions, which the team have begun to plough through with style and bombast. Strangely though, despite all the rhetoric about team-work and camaraderie in the weeks leading up to the event, peoples competitive sides are slowly beginning to emerge. As Tom put it, there should be some good banter between everyone over the course of the event. Which might be a good thing if it spurs everyone on, since the estimated time for completing the course is a mere three and a half hours! How’s that for a target to beat?

Now with only a handful of days left until Sunday, it seems a shame to have to say goodbye to the early morning training films, though maybe everyone else feels a little differently since I only had to operate a camera. Quarter to six wake-ups may not sound like a barrel of laughs, but there’s been a really great spirit that’s built up over the course of the sessions. For me it’s been a fantastic experience to be able to document this group of people coming together and bonding with each other, occasionally taking time out to beat the hell out of themselves with a medicine ball and a rope. I’m hoping that come Sunday, all their hard work and efforts will pay off. As I’m sure they all do too!

Graphic designer Tom Davies, another member of team Didsbury Virgin Mudder has been working closely with Chris Clarke over the past few months in designing a new website for Chris as a Personal Trainer. A dedicated page on this is called The Wall, where people will be able to upload photos, films and tweets of themselves training and pushing themselves through ‘the wall’, all done via Twitter.


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