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Week 18 – The Standby Update

It’s official – the first Christmas ads have hit our TV screens! So with the countdown to Christmas now officially on, things are only going to get busier for the Standby team! 

Week 18 Shoots

This week our Standby Social filmmaker Mark made excellent progress on the Never No film whilst also shooting and editing for Hobs! They have a brand new 3D printer, and the film demonstrates what types of prints they can do through the work of a graphic designer called David Kiely, who sadly passed away. Mark loves working with Hobs, and on Friday delivered the film! Later in the week Mark and Tom went on a shoot with Push Doctor around Manchester city centre. Here’s what Tom had to say about how it went.

“The Push Doctor shoot went really smoothly! The client had come up with some great storyboarded ideas for us to then develop into something more solid. Essentially, the film follows a man’s busy life with the everyday stresses of work and follows him until he gets home later that day – showing him easily using the app on his phone. In terms of filming, we were out in the centre of Manchester which is always really busy, so always an interesting one! It was a great chance to use some gimbals for some super smooth tracking shots, which is always really cool.”

On Tuesday our Standby Ambassador Ash Dykes came in, pretty much straight from the plane all the way from China! He filmed some exciting new promotional material with Jack which Ash will be able to use over the next 6 months!

On Friday our DOP Ash and Rich went to Liverpool to shoot some content for a brand new client of ours! A huge well done to our Producer Ellen, who managed to organise the entire shoot in less than a week! Here’s what Rich from New Business had to say on the shoot.

“On Friday were lucky enough to shoot on Liverpool’s Marina with a brand new client of ours, Brook’s Bells, demonstrating the Eddyfi’s product range. The focus was to show the products in use, so it was ‘all aboard’ filming on the decks, gangway and windlass. We wanted to create a dynamic ‘lifestyle’ feel, so think the film will really deliver. Ash filmed some beautiful shots of the yacht, marina and all of Brooke’s Bell’s products, and the client were really great to have on location.”

Everything Else

In the meantime, our Standby Social filmmaker Mark only went and PASSED HIS DRIVING TEST! A huge congratulations to Mark, who’s thrilled that he’s now able to drive to more shoot locations to help out Standby Social!



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