Welcome Ellen - Standby Productions

Welcome Ellen

It’s been an exciting few months here at STANDBY! Not only have we expanded our office at Beehive Mill, adding a new edit suite and even our very own bar(!), but we have also recruited some exciting new members of the team.

Ellen left Sheffield Hallam in 2015, taking a 1st class degree in Film and Media Production with her. Since graduating, she has been building on her experience in the industry, working her way up from Production Assistant to Production Coordinator and now taking on the role of Producer here at STANDBY.

As is tradition with our new recruits, we decided to put Ellen on the spot and as her some quick fire questions:

Can you tell us what does your job entail here at STANDBY?

My job as producer consists of the organisation and client communication throughout the projects. Once the concept has been signed off and we are ready to go, I then work through all of the pre-production so that the crew and the client have everything they need for both the shoot and the edit so we can make the best film possible.

What do you look forward to in the next few years at STANDBY?

Gaining experience and skills mainly. The variety of clients that STANDBY have provides the opportunity to experience a wide range of projects that will inevitably test my current skills.

What made you want to work for STANDBY?

I’ve always admired STANDBY, not only because of their premium reputation within the industry, but also the personality and individuality of its team. It’s great to be able to work for a company that I’ve admired for so long and help them continue making this kind of content.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

The end result I would say. Being able to take a step back and see what all the hard work and passion has created, right there in front of you, and be really proud of it. It’s a sense of achievement and satisfaction that I think is unique to this industry.

When you were young, what did career did you see yourself doing?

I was in two minds when I was a kid. I liked building things, so I always saw myself doing something creative or hands on. I once made a run for my rabbits out of my mum’s chest of draws – she was less than thrilled… Then after that I wanted to be a farmer. My parents are farmers so getting stuck in with the animals at the weekends was always my favourite!

How are you finding the team?

The team are great! From day one they’ve always been super friendly and easy going but at the same time all work equally as hard as one another. There is always a positive attitude in the office rain or shine which I think automatically brings out the best in everyone!

And finally, who is your favourite?

Barry… The office cactus.


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