Welcome Chris - Standby Productions

Welcome Chris

It’s been a big year of progression here at STANDBY, bringing with it the launch of STANDBY Social; an affordable monthly film content package for our clients. Perhaps typifying such a momentous year, July has seen the arrival of two new recruits (bizarrely both Sheffield Hallam graduates) and in keeping with STANDBY tradition, we decided to put them in the hot seat and fire some questions their way.

Chris studied Film and Media Production and graduated with a 2:1. Straight out of Uni he embraced the post-grad cliché and went travelling around Southeast Asia. It wasn’t long, however before the call of filmmaking brought Chris back to England where he began freelancing, filming music videos and live events in the north of England. They say “content is king”, well Chris is the King of Content, delivering STANDBY Social.

Can you tell us what does your job entail here at STANDBY?

I take care of STANDBY social, where I create short social media friendly films for clients every month. My average day sees me talking to clients, editing or filming a wide range of films (anything from events to meet the team videos) and occasionally helping out with STANDBY’s commercial and promotional productions when we’re at capacity.

What do you look forward to in the next few years at STANDBY?

STANDBY Social itself is still in its relative infancy so I’m enjoying helping it grow and find its feet, it’s already been a huge success so I can see big things on the horizon. I’ve already learned more in the few months I’ve been here than perhaps the last year of freelancing so I’m embracing the chance to develop my skills and progress onto bigger and better projects.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

My job involves so many tasks that it’s hard to put a finger on my favourite part but I would say it’s a joy to work with the same clients every month. Each time I return for a shoot everyone gets more and more involved and it’s great to see film having such a great impact not only externally for their business, but also the buzz of excitement internally. It’s a fantastic reminder of the infectious nature of filmmaking.

When you were young, what career did you see yourself doing?

I think I always liked the idea of being in a band when I was a kid, I come from a musical background with most of my family being able to play at least one instrument and some even playing in orchestras. Having said that from secondary school onwards I’ve wanted to make films for a living so I feel incredibly lucky to work for such an incredible production company.

How are you finding the team?

From day one the team have been incredibly welcoming and have made me feel at home in the office, they’ve even put up with my constant tech questions (Jack in particular)! I love how ambitious everyone is, it’s hard not to share that drive when you’re surrounded by such an ardent team.

And finally, who is your favourite?

Jack (Sorry everyone). I’m determined to get him to admit that I’m his favourite, I think I might be a way off at this point…


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