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Welcome Felix

Since the launch in 2017, Standby Social has grown in size with an impressive 13 clients currently on our books. The number 13 might be unlucky for some, but not for our latest recruit Felix Mulderrig, our newest Standby Social filmmaker. To keep within Standby tradition, we decided to put him in the hot seat and fire some questions his way with some of his first Standby Social films dotted throughout..


What does your job entail here at Standby?
I’m a filmmaker for Standby Social. As it says on the tin this covers the social branch of the company. I collaborate with our clients, creating monthly video content for their digital and social platforms. This is anything from product promotional films, new brand launches, tech startup introductions, community investment and social media campaigns – these are all projects I’d completed in my first two weeks!


What are you looking forward to in the next few years here at Standby?
One of the hazards of working in this industry is with each new skill you pick up, you find three or four new strings you need to add to your bow! The team at Standby are brilliant for teaching you new things and helping you improve, so I’m psyched to keep continuing that development. I have seven clients I work with on a monthly basis and they are a brilliant, eclectic mix that work in a variety of industries. I’m really excited to keep making great films with them.
What’s your favourite part of the job?
For me the collaboration amongst the team is huge. Almost every project benefits from the culture of support and encouragement within the studio. The company prides itself on treating people the way we’d want to be treated and, in turn, there’s a positive atmosphere. Each opinion is valued and it encourages everyone to keep improving and developing.


When you were young, what career did you see yourself doing?
As a kid I wanted to be an archeologist / historian (basically Indiana Jones!). In my mid-teens, stemming from a brief obsession, I thought I could be one of the kick-ass detectives from CSI. Since then I’ve always wanted to make films so this is my dream job, to be honest.


What made you want to work for Standby?
The people and the quality of the work. I worked freelance for over two years so to be part of a team like this, rather than working alone in various coffee shops across the North West, is a real privilege. Also, being part of a bigger group has opened doors professionally and personally. Professionally, by meeting and supporting a range of clients. Then, personally I have the foundation and support to begin developing bigger and better films. That backing is invaluable, really.
How are you finding the team?
The team are brilliant. The work they produce is top quality and there’s a real buzz being around them all. Plus, they have endless patience for my stupid questions, and I have a lot!


And finally, who is your favourite?
Got to be Mark. He’s been my oracle on all things Standby and the Standby Social crew have to stick together, obviously.



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