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Ash Dykes is a British Explorer and extreme athlete. He has a number of incredible expeditions already under his belt, from walking across Mongolia back in 2014 (the first recorded person to complete it solo and unsupported) to becoming the first recorded person to traverse Madagascar’s length, trekking 1,600 miles in 155 days. With an insatiable drive to push forward and test himself to his absolute mental and physical limits, Ash constantly looks to the future and to what challenge he can set his sights on. With a new aim fresh in his mind, he required some promotional films to highlight his latest cause.


Having met Ash, Standby were immediately struck by his inspiring attitude and outlook on life. We decided to create a series of films that would highlight both his home training and fitness routines, as well as capturing his treks. Captured over one long weekend in Wales, Standby conducted an interview with and filmed Ash training at his home, before setting out to Snowdonia to capture some epic scenics.


Utilising a handheld shooting style, as well as stylised time-lapse footage, Standby worked to film Ash’s training in an epic yet intimate style. With a series of drone shots also captured, we set about pulling together several films that told various stories. The ultimate aim involved a promotional film to highlight Ash’s upcoming expedition; traversing the length of the Yangtze River on foot. Another world first, the expedition will see him faced with many trials,¬†starting with freezing temperatures in the West, which will break into a more tropical environment to the East.¬† The relationship has been a cracking success, leading to Ash being named our first Standby Ambassador. We can’t wait to see Ash continue on his incredible and inspiring path to success.

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