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Manchester born. Internationally cool.
Boda Skins got in contact with Standby to create some cracking film content to help promote their high quality Leather Jackets.
With a new website on the horizon and a well established Instagram following, the content needed to reflect Boda’s look, feel and attention to detail – in particular they were looking for a film that showcased their values.


We wanted to shout about what set Boda apart from it’s competitors – from it’s incredible service and customer experience to the intricate detail and time taken over each and every design.

We decided to create a film that put a spotlight on this experience and showed viewers exactly what they had to look forward to when shopping with Boda.


Accompanied by an engaging track and a heavily stylised grade we built upon the brand and amplified it, creating a series of incredibly detailed films highlighting every stitch, zip and feature of a Boda Skins Jacket. We focused on highlighting what really sets this incredible brand apart from it’s competitors and work with our client to showcase exactly who they are.

Boda Skins are an incredibly exciting brand and we can’t wait to see what they do next. See them here:

“Working with Standby was quick, smooth, professional and friendly. Highly recommend their services.”


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