Bentley - The Singularity Advert - Standby Productions

The Singularity Advert




David Ellison

Director of Photography

Mike Staniforth

Online Editor

Jack Warman


Working as a spec piece for the high profile car brand, I worked with DOP Mike Staniforth in order to create a high end brand awareness video for Bentley. The goal was to make something that is usually only created in London or the U.S. within Manchester but delivers on the high concept profile of the brand.


We created the singularity which is used to describe not only a point in space but also a point in time where technology becomes infinitely complex over an infinite period. This also helps to sell the belief of Bentley that every car they make has the precision and craft of a luxury watch


We shot the Bentley GT Continental on a revolving turn table and used a mirror effect in post production to make the car appear to unfold from itself as though it was being born from a technological point in space. The final piece shows the elegance and beauty of symmetrical convergence.

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