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iChoose believe in customisation and individuality. They believe the most definitive fashion trend of the 21st century is that of subjective, personal style, and they want to facilitate yours entirely.


Simon Owen

Director of Photography

Jack Warman

Offline Editor

Jack Warman

Online Editor

Mark Prince


Galaxy optical approached Standby to create a suite of films that captured their innovative product. They wanted their films to capture the flexibility and range of looks customers can achieve with their interchangeable glasses.


Standby created an idea that showed a number of looks across a wide selection of ages. We wanted to highlight that no matter who you are there is an iChoose look for you.


The final result is a fast paced and energy filled film with a number of supporting edits for use on social media. Extra care was taken with wardrobe and location to show that whatever look you’re going for their is a set of iChoose glasses for you. The films focused on how easy it is to switch arms and how great the final result looks.

“We’re really happy with the films too – great team effort.”


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