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Purezza provide premium bottled water to their partners in the service industry. Their filtration systems embed within a venue’s existing water supply, allowing restaurants to save on cost whilst utilising an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bottled water.


Ashley Yarwood

Director of Photography

Ashley Yarwood


Chris Kenward


Ellen Bounds


Purezza approached Standby to create a boutique film that captured their brand in a way that communicates the key features of their services, with a visual style that looked and felt premium.

Restaurant owners are bombarded with sales pitches on a daily basis. We needed a film that presented the unique selling points of Purezza but in a way that wasn’t too sales heavy. To achieve this we decided to tell the story of one of their clients, connecting with Purezza’s target audience on a peer-to-peer basis.


Purezza offer unique products with a premium service. To tell their story we needed to partner with a venue that matched their ethos.

We eventually collaborated with Mana, a fine dining restaurant in Ancoats, Manchester.  Simon Martin, owner and head chef at Mana, began his career at Michelin Star restaurant, Chester Grosvenor, before becoming  head chef at Noma in Copenhagen. With his global background and beautiful venue, Simon was the perfect partner to collaborate with.


To achieve that peer-to-peer messaging we filmed an interview with Simon on the restaurant floor, telling his story and incorporating cutaway footage of a busy venue – building the picture of Mana as a boutique, bustling, fine-dining destination.

We then slowly introduced how he sees Purezza as a brand with principles similar to his own. This was through a combination of Simon’s own words with shots of the Purezza products and systems strategically edited within wider footage of the restaurant.

To ensure the finished piece felt modern and energetic we captured a range of soft focus shots, speed ramped time-lapses and in camera transitions. This culminated in a final film that is visually stunning and tells the story of Purezza in a way that appeals to their target audience.

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