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Working From Home in Video Production – Ellen

Working from home.

I’ve always found the concept of working from home pretty daunting. Being a creative company we thrive on the ability to bounce off one another, whether it be with creative meetings, logistical planning, or just general camaraderie. How would we be able to work to the same level if we lose those daily interactions?

But like anything in life, you learn to adapt and build a new regime that brings out the best of a situation.

Luckily, things like Zoom and Facetime, coupled with the energy from the team, mean we’ve managed to keep the momentum going, and for it not to feel like you’re out there fighting solo.  

My View

Admittedly, I did start working from my bed. A novelty at first, that quickly turned into a harsh reminder that a 28 year old body can’t sit in the hunched, bed-working position like that of an 18 year old, student body. So I’ve moved to the dining table, or if I’m feeling particularly jazzy, the sofa, where I’m able to sit less like a potato. 

The things that have helped me.

The main thing that has helped me, and probably a fact only realised in recent months, is the importance of having a routine. I was acutely aware that in working from home with no one to see, I’d run the risk of reverting back to uni years, where it was deemed a special occasion to get out of my pjs and dressed for the day. I now make a conscious effort to start my day with a cup of tea and a chapter of a book, then yoga – I’ve been working through a 30 day challenge to ease my poor, inflexible body into this – or a workout. 

When it comes to work itself, again sticking to a routine has been super important. I’m a big list maker, and so I’ve become a bit obsessed with my day-to-day schedule/diary, which helps me block out each part of my day so I know what I want to achieve and what I can actually achieve. ‘Why not just use google calendar?’ I hear you cry. I can’t help it, I’m just old fashioned – pen and paper for the win! 



Things I’m missing.

The most fundamental thing I’m missing is the people. The culture at Standby has always been something I’ve loved. Being able to work with a group of friends as well as colleagues is something really special! 

The future.

Like many, working from home is something I’d like to continue post-lockdown. Losing the daily commute, packed lunches that I promise I’m going to make the night before and never do, and forgetting to put my socks in my gym bag, is something I have certainly not missed. Having the flexibility to work some of the week from home and some of the week in the office would be perfect – and would save on the commute road rage! 

Something else I’d really like to bring into the post-apocalyptic world is a work life balance that, I’m sure anyone who works in the industry can appreciate, is often lost in video production!



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