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Working From Home – Tips and Tricks!

As many of you know, Standby’s founder, Simon started Standby Productions from his spare bedroom just over 9 years ago. Since then, we’ve grown into two Manchester based offices. With the majority of work forces now officially working from home, we ask Simon to give advice on how to work from home and this is what he said. 


Sticking to a 9am start to 5:30pm finish (or your normal working day) schedule has never been more important. Wake up at a time you normally would – don’t lie in! Take your lunch at well, lunchtime, and make sure when your work for the day is done, log off and put your laptop or computer completely out of sight!

Designated work space

One of the worst things you can do when working from home is blur the home/workspace boundaries. No matter how big or small your home is, make sure you create some sort of designated area for work, and only go there when you’re in ‘work zone.’ On the flip side, ensure you have clear relaxation areas too. 

Time blocking

Not only is maintaining a routine highly important to your mental health and productivity during this time, but so is time blocking. Time blocking is about scheduling your entire day down to a T. From your calendar, to your to-do-list to even your meals. Tell yourself what you’re going to be doing at 9am, at 11am, at 1pm – and then stick to it! And then stick to it! You’ll find that you’re a lot more productive, even more so possibly than you even used to be. Use apps like Plan, HourStack and Planyway to become a time blocking expert!

Get showered and dressed

When you wake up in the morning, make sure you get showered and dressed, just as you would if you were leaving the office for work every day. This helps you stay mentally tuned and feels like you have a job to do (which for most of you, you still do!).

Take regular breaks

Maybe you’re doing more of these anyway, but a lot of people actually forget to take breaks when they work from home. Make sure that you’re standing up regularly, going for a tea or coffee break, or even just getting a bit of fresh air.

Keep active

One of the most important things at the moment and possibly one of the hardest things to do is to keep active. Try and keep as active as you would normally. Even with gyms being closed, there’s still loads of ways you could train and exercise. Check out P.E with Joe Wicks for daily workouts that you can livestream on Youtube!

Make a deal with those at home!

With many people working from home, along with the kids being off, it’s really important that you try to inform your family of your routine. Families, relationships and households all need to work together to keep productive. Try to inform your partner, flatmates or children of what you need from them to allow you to work and stick to your hours. Let them know when you’re planning on having breaks and lunch, and get them to join you!

Have you got any working from home tips? Feel free to get in touch with us to share your ideas!



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