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Still Making Cracking Films!

Well, who’d have thought it? With some of the world in complete lock down, and the rest social distancing, the ability to produce live action content has ground the film and TV industry around the entire world to a halt.

Despite the doom and gloom, the Standby team has come together like never before. Here’s what Standby’s doing to make sure we can keep creating cracking content for our clients, albeit from the comfort of our homes!


Although we might be able to go shoot anything live action for the foreseeable future, we’re very much still able to create lots of animated and motion graphics content! With our talented team of in-house animators, we’re able to re-work and adapt any creatives or treatments into animation.

Video Meetings

Like the rest of the world, we’re all staying at home to minimise the spread of the virus as much as possible – but that’s not going to get in the way of our meetings! With daily production meetings, we’re still able to stay coordinated, updated and on top of all our projects.


Planning Ahead!

As strange as it must sound, one day the words ‘COVID-19’ will be a distant memory, and companies and industries alike will bounce back. In order to do so, they’ll be looking for and needing video content more than ever before. Standby is already creating a plan for when things get back to normal. From thinking about the type of content you’re going to want to produce, to how we can best support and help you get back to normal – rest assured that Standby are already on it!

That’s it from us for now. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay indoors!

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