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2019 – Lesson’s Learnt!

Here at Standby Productions, our motto is simple. We really do make cracking films. But in order to do that, we need to constantly be learning. So here they are, the number one things that the crew at Standby learnt last year.


The biggest thing I learnt in 2019 was probably the importance of using Kolbe! Kolbe is great for really getting to know your staff. Kolbe’s very much about making sure that people are doing the things they are good at, and not forcing round pegs into square holes. Here at Standby, we believe that if you’re good at your job, then you’ll enjoy your job more and that’s why it’s super important that everyone’s doing work they’re naturally good at.


Rich learnt that over the last 18 months, more and more client’s are now looking for more long term relationships with Standby Productions. Clients are moving from singular film content or more campaign focussed strategies and content. Gone are the days where one film’s enough!


Last year was a big turning point for me – I focused my time and energy almost fully into being a cinematographer. I collaborated with several directors to help visualise and bring their ideas to life and I worked to transfer their concepts into colour and mood. Outside of the office, I invested my time in subscriptions, podcasts and experiments to expand my knowledge and experience – this led to me creating my most fulfilling and cinematic work yet across the board, 8 years into Standby.

In 2020, the plan is to connect these new skills with a renewed focus on Directing to push to be one of the best filmmakers working in the North West.


The biggest lesson I learnt in 2019 was giving our films that final polish. We invested heavily in gaining a deeper understanding of colour depth and grading techniques that means we can get the most out of our footage and deliver the best final product for our clients!


The biggest thing I learnt last year? Where there’s a will there’s a way! Whatever the budget or time frame there’s always a way to make something work for the client.


In 2019, I’d say I learnt how to become way more organised and took on a lot more responsibility. From client management to planning right through to the delivery of films. I actually learnt to be a lot more confident in my abilities and myself, whilst developing filmmaking as a whole. I got a lot quicker at editing and really upped my shooting ability.


Last year I learnt that you can never be over prepared. Treat every project like it’s your biggest and you’ll never sell yourself short!


The biggest thing I learnt in 2019 is that CV’s aren’t the most important thing. When you’re starting out, you hear lots of different people’s opinions on how you get a company to notice you, but the best way is to drop someone a message, ask them for a coffee and get to know them!



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