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Standby at The Lakes!

Late 2019. A quiet country lane near Windermere. Our Managing Director, Financial Director and Head of Production are shouting at a sat nav that’s taken them 20 miles in the wrong direction.

Welcome to the Standby Windermere Retreat. 

Sequestered away a hotel in the lakes, Team Standby took two days away from the daily grind to focus on some key goals for the company.

Improving our services

Something we pride ourselves on at Standby is our client management, delivering content that doesn’t just look good but effects real change for the people we work with.

To uphold that standard and maintain that quality of delivery it’s important to us we take time to ensure what we’re doing is right, pinpoint areas we can get better, and put plans in place to ensure we make those changes.

Developing new concepts

We have a massively talented team in-house and not just in terms of business development, producing or filmmaking. Each member of the team offers their own unique strengths in pushing Standby Productions forward.

One of the focal points was to ensure everyone in the company felt heard, that they had a voice and had the opportunity to introduce any new concepts they had that could help drive our business forward.

Team Building

Our team are amazing, they are the best people and the work they do is superb. The most important part of this time away was to connect and spend time with each other.

The film production industry is quite fast-paced, with each individual engrossed in their own projects you run the risk of losing touch with the people around you. We’re a close bunch at Standby but opportunities like this are gold dust for reminding us to appreciate the position we’re in.

While we were in the Lakes we had the time between sessions to relax, grab a coffee together, spend time as a team without the responsibility of the day-to-day. We also got to try our hand at Tag Archery, giving us the chance to settle some longstanding vendettas and reimagine ourselves as champion Tag Archers.

The feedback and feeling from the team following the weekend was hugely positive. We came away feeling energised, focussed as a team and excited about the direction the company is heading in.

We can’t wait to share some of our new concepts with you throughout 2020!




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