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8 Uses for Kick-Ass Social Video Content – Part 2

Following on from last week’s first instalment of our Kick-Ass Social Video series, we’re back with Kick-Ass Social Video Content Part 2 : This Time It’s Personal.

Product  Films

Product films – both how to use a product and adverts for new releases – are a brilliant way of pre-empting problems and providing solutions for your customers.

In fact in 2018 96% of people said they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service!

However, this doesn’t mean they have to be a boring, straight forward affair. This project for Hobs Repro is a perfect example.

With their book, Spellbound, we could very easily have shot a much more neutral version of this film, however, the Hobs team wanted to create something that not only featured the product, but captured the ethos, as well.

The end result is a piece of content that jumps out the screen and stands out, from the first to the last frame. It’s a nice example of how to adopt a more creative approach when developing ideas for how to engage your target audience.

In-house Strategy

Launching new company aims, objectives, values etc. is pretty commonplace, but so is those values being misunderstood by your staff!

Using accompanying video content is an effective tool for bringing those values to life by attaching footage and examples of what that means in the real world. This is particularly impactful for any service led businesses, like the example for Bolton embedded above.


We know first-hand how difficult the recruitment process can be! And the example film above was instrumental in allowing us to reach a wider group of quality applicants for our Assistant Producer role.

Job description posts are traditionally quite a dry so we found this film was great for allowing us to bring the role to life and communicate who we are as a company.

It also worked surreptitiously as a company ethos piece for any potential clients who saw it on our social channels.

Social Campaigns

This is a good tactic for maximising engagement over time. Producing films within the same campaign allows you to deliver fresh content for your audience on a regular basis, all the while building brand awareness.

The consistent style of a campaign, like Velcro’s ‘Life Hacks’, allows people to recognise your content, link it to your company and build connections in a more lasting way than a one-off film does.



The main point through this series, we think at least, is there is really no limit on who can benefit from video content or what you can use video for. 

The key to maximising the success of that content, though, is to be strategic in your approach.

Analyse your audience, look at what content they respond to, then get creative with how you can best tailor what you want to say to what they want to see.

And, as always, if you need a hand with the strategy or production for monthly content, our Standby Social team will be delighted to hear from you!

£800 per month, what’s not to love about that?!




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